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SRO Ministry

After the 1906 earthquake and fire, housing discrimination prevented Chinese from living outside of Chinatown. Single room occupancies meant to house single men became home to families. Even today a family of 6 or 8 lives in a single room with a common kitchen and bathroom for tenants on each floor. There are also many elderly who live in SRO housing. Many buildings are being retrofitted and some have been remodeled, though the majority is still in need of being upgraded to code. [SRO Ministry Newsletter]

We do this community ministry in joint cooperation with the Chinatown Community Resource Center.

SRO Peer Group Leaders
On the second Tuesday of every month, the peer group uses the church space to hold their meetings. Our open space provides much needed relief from their crowded living conditions. The kids love running around downstairs and playing with the toys. The Church provides the space and childcare.

Super Sunday
On the last Sunday of every month the Chinatown Community Development Center hosts educational events at Gordon Lau Elementary School, less than a block from our church. Over 100-150 Chinatown seniors and tenants who live in SRO buildings come for a free lunch and educational events (housing and health information).
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An article from SF Chronicle December 29, 2009 describes living conditions in an SRO. Our own Rev. Norman Fong is quoted throughout the article. [ read it ]