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New Orleans Mission Trip 2009 - Sunday, July 12

Video by Casey Chow
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Yahoooooo, we touched down in New Orleans at approx 1230pm San Francisco time
(over 8 hours after first arriving at SFO). After a long wait in Houston for our first stop...
(while filling ourselves with Wendy's and Panda Express) we finally got on the plane and
were on our way. After another hour, we made it to New Orleans. We arrived at Parkway
Presbyterian Church safely, where we will be staying for the whole week. Our arrival was
greeted with open arms, and great hospitality by the staff here. With an air mattress, toiletries,
sheets, pillows, blankets, t-shirts, and access to most of their facilities, we truly felt welcomed.

After we got settled in, we went for dinner at Regineli's Pizzeria, a local pizza shop with an
amazing variety of dishes. We had the pesto and shrimp pizza, along with four other flavours.
Imagine California's Pizza Kitchen, but without a chain, and just a local community. With a
tummy busting dinner, we left for Winn-Dixie, I call it the Luckys of the east. With a huge
variety of food, bath products, and more food, we got our week's worth of groceries and
headed back to the church. We closed the night with a reflection of our day, and hopes of
our week. The day is done, but the work is yet to begin. We will begin to explore the city
tomorrow, Tuesday July 13th.

We ask for your continued prayers and appreciate all the support you've shown so far.
Stay tuned for more updates as the week goes on.

Signing off from New Orleans, this is Casey K. Chow.

[Monday, July 13]