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New Orleans Mission Trip 2009 - Tuesday, July 14


Looks like I just couldn’t stay away from the Big Easy. My name is
Damond Barrick Ng and I am a returning young adult on my second
New Orleans mission trip.

While shopping today at Winn Dixie (New Orleans version of Safeway),
my car group picked up some lunch necessities for the week. While
mistaking cabbage for lettuce, I was confronted by a woman. I had left
the three cabbages in plastic bags and had walked away, so I thought
I was about to be reprimanded. What actually happened was the spark
that rekindled why I am here in this city today. She simply said,
“Thank you for helping our city,” and was on her way.

I now revisit my idea from an article I wrote last year that states that
there is some bond that connects us all, near and far. Even though it
has only been the first day of reconstruction, I know this group of
16 Cameron House and PCC people has their hearts in the right place.
Though sweat and body musk infused the air, the determination to help
someone who lost his two brothers and home in a flooded city is ever
present among these young and young at heart.

The difference this time is real. The prospective 9.0+ earthquake may
hit California in the next 25 years and I pray that there will be hope and
support from throughout the country. Though I hope the "big one"
doesn't hit San Francisco, if it does, I hope to see individuals in a
“Quake Relief” t-shirt—much like the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance
apparel we wear—and I will tap that person on the shoulder saying “Thank you…”

[Wednesday, July 15]