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New Orleans Mission Trip 2009 - Friday, July 17

Hey Yall!

Hope all is well back home in SF. I really miss the weather because it is
way too hot down here; although I have enjoyed seeing the rain and
thunderstorms. Today, Friday, we got to work after a slow, short and
rainy Thursday. We are almost done with all the siding which has been
the bulk of our work since day one. After tomorrow, a pivotal part of the
house will be complete thanks to our group. If you are all wondering about
the nicknames that a few of the youth and I came up with, I will explain.
Many people have different relationships with Terry, Scott, and Leonard
so there are different ways to address them. Examples would be,
Uncle ( insert name ) , Mr. ( insert last name ), or simply by their first name.
I thought it would be a cool way to break a formality barrier and give the
three adults nicknames. Since then, Terry has now become T-Money.
Scott was originally named Scottsizzle, but later was changed to just Sizz
upon request. And Leonard has become Young L. By using these nicknames
I feel a closer connection and less of a generation gap.

After a long but progressive day of work, we went to the Chinese
Presbyterian Church to have a home cooked meal which was very
delicious. The dinner consisted of hamburgers, hot dogs, jambalaya,
and bread pudding. We met a lot of new people. I met a lady that sat
court side to the NBA All Star game when it was in New Orleans. I was
so envious. I had the opportunity to talk with her throughout the night along
with many other people. After dinner we sang songs which everyone enjoyed.
Liane, Justin and Neal led a song called "It's a 60's Party from a 60's Movie"
which everyone loved. After the singing, we played a long game of
"Knockout" and you will never guess who won. SIZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!

Scott Barlow ,a.k.a. Sizz beat about 30 people in a game of knockout.
Way to go Sizz!!! We played a little more and eventually had to leave.
Today was one of the best days here in New Orleans. We got to
accomplish a lot of work, eat good food, and meet a lot of new people.
We work hard and we play hard. Tomorrow is the last day of work.
We look forward to continue giving 100%. After our last day I plan to
party it up in New Orleans. WOOOOO!!!! Please keep us in your
thoughts and prayers as we continue the final days of our trip.

2 Days left in New Orleans.

Peace out,
Aaron Huie