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New Orleans Mission Trip 2010 - Saturday, July 10

Hello parents, family and friends!

Today was our first day in New Orleans. After our red-eye flight we arrived about 8:25 New Orleans time and headed off to Parkway Presbyterian Church, where we had an orientation and a tour. After getting situated with our air mattresses and bedding we had some rest and relaxation time followed by chili dogs for lunch!

A nearby church asked us for our help in packing up all their unsold garage sale items. We had the option of going or staying at Parkway, but everyone was willing to help. At the garage sale, we packed up all their unsold goods, filling boxes with holiday decorations, glass wear, and other knick-knacks and drove it to goodwill and other churches.

Although I was hesitant about going to help on our free day of no work, everything seemed worth it when a lady came up to me saying, "Bless all of you angels! We appreciate your help so much. Last year we didn't have everything packed up til 7 o'clock, you saved us a lot of time!" Comments like that keep me in check and make every work we do so much more satisfying knowing we made a difference in someone's life, even if it's just saving someone a few hours of work.

A personal favorite moment from the garage sale was when me and the three other girls went out to the cars to get out water bottles and we saw black clouds and heard loud thunder. We did a little raindance not knowing that a minute later we would be soaked from the rain. After a spaghetti dinner back at Parkway, we headed to the French Quarter and had some delicious beignets! With each bite, powdered sugar was everywhere! This was just the first day of our trip, and I'm already having a lot of fun and am looking forward to the rest of the trip!

Jessica Lee

[ Sunday July 11 ]