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New Orleans Mission Trip 2010 - Monday, July 12

Hi Hi Everyone,

Today was a very long day for everyone here in New Orleans, so today's update is a little shorter, but we hope that you continue to follow us throughout the week to hear about the exciting work we'll be doing through Project Homecoming.

In Christ,


Hello from Louisiana! Had our first official work day today. Everyone woke up at 5:45 this morning, still trying to get used to the time difference. We left Parkway at 7 and arrived at the orientation by 8. After the orientation, we split up into our groups and went to our worksites. The house that we’re working on is nearly completed. Unfortunately for us, the homeowner currently resides in Houston, Texas, so we won’t be able to meet her. We worked on caulking and painting in the heat! But I had a lot of fun doing that. We had our first Po-Boy sandwiches for dinner! After dinner we headed out to Snug Harbor to listen to a jazz concert. Charmaine Neville and Friends were on tonight and it was really exciting! Definitely check out Snug Harbor if you guys decide to come to New Orleans for vacationing. Alrights, I’m going to end it here because there’s lots more to do tomorrow and we need our rest. :D

-Lydia Wong

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