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New Orleans Mission Trip 2010 - Tuesday, July 13

Hello! I am Jessica Chew and it is the end of my fourth day in New Orleans. Today was an interesting and fun day and I achieved a lot. As usual, I got up at 5:45 am with the rest of the group and I prepared to go to volunteer. For me, the food is unpredictable everyday and today I was surprised with pancakes in the morning. A woman from the South Carolina group, who is also staying at Parkway Church with us, made blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes for everyone, including us (50 people!). So I started off the morning happy and ready for work.

I am working with Robby Yee, Jarrett Mui, Sherman Gee, and Chris Cheuk to fix up a house owned by a woman named Mrs. Brown. The first day we went to work at her house, Mrs. Brown seemed like a grumpy woman who did not like to socialize. The moment we first saw her, Mrs. Brown did not greet us or even exchange a small smile. So when our group returned today, we were not expecting her to talk to us. However, to our surprise, she welcomed us and we had a conversation with her. I was shocked but happy that she was willing to talk to us and share some details of her life.

Besides Mrs. Brown, I felt like our group achieved a lot. We scraped most of the hard and rough paint off, we primed a lot of cracks, and successfully did many other tiring activities. After the workday, I arrived at the church and hurriedly ran to the showers (they’re a block and a half away!). Today we did not go out after working because we were all exhausted. That was okay with me though, because instead we played games like “mafia”, making good memories of our stay in New Orleans.

I hope that this gives you a good overview of what is going on with our group in New Orleans and what some of us kids are feeling and experiencing. Thank you for supporting us and reading this email. We are all safe and happy and I hope you will have a good rest of the week before we return home. Goodnight!

Jessica Chew


Hi Everyone,

Today is the end of workday 2. I, Terry Leong, and a group of 6 kids (Mark Solovey, Tabi Wong, Josh Hee, Jessica Lee, Gordon Yu, & Edwin Yan) have to drive 50 minutes away from our host site at Parkway Presbyterian Church to Slidell where the worksite is. We have to cross Lake Pontchartrain in the the Bayou. Purple and Green 2 1/2" dragonflies. Really loud and strange sounding birds and bugs. 102F degree weather and 90% humidity. Our part in this project is to finish the utility closet framing, put in insulation and sheet rock.

So the kids got to use chop saws, a nailing gun, automatic dry wall screw guns, and cordless power drills. They got lessons in applied geometry since the house we are working on is not 8 feet tall and not all 90 degree angles. They also got lessons in team work since a 8x4' sheet of sheet rock needs to be held up and screwed in.

So on the fun side, they attended a flute and piano concert and a jazz club so far.

Here are some pictures. I am cutting this short because our team has to get up at 5:30 everyone so we can get to our job site. Do you know what it is like to wake fifteen 16-17 years old at that time?

In Christ,
Stuart Go

Jessica Lee and Tabi Wong preparing to hang sheetrock (before shot)

The Slidell Work group (illustrated by Jessica Lee) on a piece of sheetrock that will be mounted at the home.

Charmaine Neville at the Snug Harbor Jazz Club

(from left to right) Terry Leong, Gordon Yu, Tabi Wong on the job!

Ceiling mounted

After two days' work!

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