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New Orleans Mission Trip 2010 - Wednesday, July 14

Hello Extended Family and Friends Back at San Francisco,

Thank you for the prayers and we are all safe with just bug bites here and there. The first thing to say about being here in New Orleans is the humidity is the worst and the heat doesn't make it better. Sometimes it feels like you are just breathing water down your lungs.

The house that I am helping rebuild had 5 feet of water and the mother of the family stayed for the whole demolition. The family grew up with poor plumbing and electricity and was raised by a father and the friends on the block with low incomes.

When they got their walls built, it was covered in prayers as well as Bible verses from a church group in Kentucky. So our hard working and sweat will pay off and give the family a new house to praise.

Please keep us in your prayers, y'all!

Joshua Hee


Hi Everyone,

Today we have moved from going North for 45miles to going South 32 miles. We travel between the canals and Mississippi river for 17miles. We pass the Naval station where the Blue Angels are stationed. Today, we worked on finishing touches for the house of a 76 old woman, her 2 daughters and son, and grand daughter.

They also live with their whole family, cousins, 2nd cousins all living on the same street. We are currently only 10 miles away from the coast area where the BP oil rig blew up. We do not smell oil from where we are. We also climbed a levy to see the Mississippi river today.

Here are some updated pictures.

In Christ




[ Thursday July 15 ]