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New Orleans Mission Trip 2010 - Friday, July 16

Hi Everyone,

It's our last full day in New Orleans, so here's our last e-mail update from Sherman Gee and Jarrett Mui. Thank you for following us throughout the trip and for all the prayers and support!

In Christ,



This will be the last letter from one of the youth or staff on this trip, and we are all very sad to leave. In our brief stay here, we have built new friendships, learned new skills, and became closer to each other. As you may know, we shared the building space with a group from South Carolina, and in a limited time, became well acquainted. By living, talking, and enjoiying activities with them, we, as a whole, built an everlasting friendship. They will always be in our hearts, mind, and soul.
All of us here in New Orleans worked to rebuild houses damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Just by our presence, we have touched the hearts of the homeowners, and reminded them that they are not forgotten and that there is always hope, even in the darkest of times.
Many of the things we will bring with us back to San Francisco are the life lessons we learned from each other, from those from South Carolina, from the homeowners, and from those in charge of our worksites.
The things we take back with us, the things we give, and the things that make who we are what make us who we are, and because of the memories we made and people we meet, we have made a trip of a lifetime that will never be forgotten. Lastly, because we came to New Orleans, we changed the lives of everyone we came in contact with.

- Jarrett Mui, Senior @ Abraham Lincoln High School


Dearest Cameron House/PCC NOLA Mission Trip Supporters,

As I type this, our 23 missionary trip volunteers are preparing for bed on their last night here in New Orleans. We have hammered our last nail and realize we will be returning home soon. In reading the daily updates from our youth, you can see we've done quite a lot. We have formed new relationships and strenghtened existing ones. We've gained new perspectives and memories to bring back and share with our loved ones. As a young adult, I witnessed the youth give their best everyday, being selfless and conscientious. I am proud of the way they have represented themselves. Furthermore, the older adults have impressed me with the endless tasks they tackle, from planning activities, driving, shopping and preparing the food. They model responsibility, maturity and positivity, characteristics I hope will pass on to the youth. They can also wield a mean hammer. (Doreen Der-McLeod aka demolition beast) I want to sincerely thank all of you for your interest in this group and the support you've provided. Your efforts helped make this trip possible. Like the parable of the mustard seed, the seeds planted from this mission trip are sure to grow into something beautiful and enduring. Our work here is done and we can't wait to rejoin you all at home. We hope to continue to spread the love of Cameron House and PCC everywhere we go, and in doing so, also spread the love and positivity we have received to you. If there are any questions or comments regarding our trip here in New Orleans, I will gladly answer them. Also, special shout-outs to Chris Cheuk, the Associate Youth Director who planned/executed/ stressed out and sacrificed his health for the trip and Josh Chuck, the Associate Youth Director who guided the kids in their fundraising. Once again, thank you.

Sherman Gee