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From 1853 to 2003: One Hundred Fifty Years of Witness and Community

From 1853 to 2003: One Hundred Fifty Years of Witness and Community is an exhibit of old and new photographs that depict life at the Presbyterian Church in Chinatown (San Francisco, CA) over the past fifteen decades. It celebrates the role played by this institution in gathering together a community, giving its life shared meaning, and enabling it to be of service to the world. One component of the larger Historical Documentation (HDoc) Project at the Presbyterian Church in Chinatown, the exhibit serves as the public education element of HDoc and comprises some seventy images chosen from among over two thousand in the archives assembled by the project.

With accompanying text in both English and Chinese, the images in the exhibit are distributed among fourteen panels, each measuring 40 inches wide by 84 inches long and designed to resemble a Chinese scroll with dowels across the top and bottom. Two panels are devoted to exhibit titles and credits (one in English and one in Chinese), and the remaining twelve are divided into six thematic groupings:

Clicking on the links above will access pages that display the exhibit panels in miniature, followed by the "core text" common to the English and Chinese panels in each of the seven groupings. Following the core text are the individual images from the group, accompanied by the caption text for each of the photographs.