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Lent at PCC

This year our theme is "Lifted Up by Love So That We May Lift Others Up"

In order to transform the world and shine the light of God, we need to be lifted up ourselves so we can continue to follow our Divine call.

After worship each Sunday, we will have a simple lunch of soup and discussion topics related to the ideas brought up in the sermon and during worship.

Join us for this time of turning our focus to God and the love God gives us.


Good News for the Pews

The latest issue of Good News for the Pews is available. The quarterly newsletter is published by the English-speaking worshipping community with information for all in our worship family.

Here are some highlights for this issue:
* A book review that will spark your interest on life in North Korea
* A day with the DINKS and SINKS
* A year in review by Pastor Ronnie Kaan
* A baptism 

[ February Good News for the Pews ]

New Photos

We have recently posted photos of our the English Worshiping Communoity's Pride Service, World-Wide Communion and the PCC/Chinatown CDC Food Bank.


[ see the photos ]