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We're a Church family that LOVES to sing.  Visitors often remark that our singing has such life and energy compared to the timid singing at their churches.

Choirs Choirs

Cantonese Choir:
We practice every Sunday at 11:30 a.m.

Mandarin Choir:
We practice every Sunday from 9:00 - 9:30 and 11:30 - 12:30. Contact Joy Kao.

English Choir:
We convene the choir for special services like Advent, Christmas and Easter. Contact David Miller

Watch a video of the Organ Dedication Concert


To lead us in song, we use piano and guitar, but the foundation of leadership is from the organ.

In 2008 we upgraded our organ with a new Renaissance Quantum organ from the Allen Organ Company.  Our previous organ was purchased from Allen Organs in 1979. It had provided us with many years of music for worship, memorial and wedding services.  Keeping it sounding its best had become more and more difficult as some problems could not be repaired, and some parts had become difficult to obtain or were no longer available. 

Organ builders have made tremendous strides in creating electronic instruments whose sound can rival that of pipe organs and whose electronics can easily accommodate a variety of new approaches to music like those of praise bands. 

Our new organ gives us the ability to provide everything from contemplative moments to exuberant celebrations of Christ as Lord.  If we want, we can tailor the sound of the organ to the country and musical tradition from which the music comes.

To celebrate the arrival of our new organ, we held an organ dedication concert on November 16, 2008.  Craig Benner, Director of Music and Organist at St.Anne's in-the-Fields Episcopal Church in Lincoln Massachusetts, presented a program demonstrating the variety and majesty of the sounds from the new organ.

As it says in Psalm 150 
Praise the Lord!
Praise God in his sanctuary!
Praise him with trumpet sound!
Praise him with strings and pipe!
Let everything that breathes praise the Lord!

"When the Spirit says MOVE, you've got to MOVE"

Musical Accompanists

Musical accompanists at PCC include:
  • Miao-Sheng Feng 馮妙生
  • Adeline Hwang 禇麗容
  • Mandy Liang 梁春
  • David Chan
  • Mildred Hall
  • Gordie Jeong
  • David Miller
  • Jeannette Wei
  • Karina Woo
  • Eleanor Wong